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    All in One Heat Pump Water Heater

    All in One Heat Pump Water Heater, also called domestic hot water heat pump, is with water tank inside for supplying domestic hot water 

    1. Safety
    a. Complete isolation between water and electricity, no electric shock problem, more safety.
    b. No fuel tubes and storage, no potential danger from oil leakage, fire, explosion, etc.

    2. Max. outlet water temperature: 60℃.
    The system of our all in one heat pump adopts innovative heating methods, and combines the electric heating and Heat Pump heating properly, makes the water be heated stably and quickly

    3. Minutes protection
    When the DHW heat pump stops, if you restart the unit or turn on the manual switch, the unit will not run in 3 minutes. It's the protection for the compressor.

    4. Easy installation
    The pump system is integrated design and very easy for installation.

    5. Automatic Control
    Automatic star-up and shut down, automatic defrosting. Save you much extra operation.

    6. High Efficiency and energy saving.
    The heat pump unit adopts heat pump principle, which absorbs heat from outdoor air and produce hot water.

    7. Environmentally friendly
    Our DHW heat pump or Sanitary Hot Water Heat Pump produces no harmful gas locally from the combustion of oil, coal, or natural gas; free of potential hazards from carbon monoxide; it also can avoid electrical contact with water, and does not provide an open flame, making the device more suitable for use.

    8. All-the -weather running
    Within the temperature range from-5oC-43oC, it will not be affected by night, cloudy sky, rain, even snow whether.

    Kolant, as a professional heat pump manufacturers, produces all range of high quality all in one heat pump for domestic hot water heating. If you want to be one of our distributors, please do not hesitate to contact us


    • RJD-28H30/N2-MR


      The water tank is surrounded by D type aluminium pipe,and no coper pipe inside the water tank

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