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    Product Advantage

    Advantage of Our Products

    1. Our metal cabinet is designed especially for heat pump and made by numerical control machine.

    2. Our heat exchanger is bigger by 30% than normal ones, that is why our COP is higher, which can save as much as 60%-80% of cost compared to regular water heating equipment.

    3. We use Emerson expansion valve and Siemens electrical elements. All our main components are world famous brands. Our products are orientated as high quality and efficiency.

    4. Our control function is much more powerful than others'. We have heating curve inside for controlling, totally designed directing at EU market.

    5. Our pool heat pump has durable and reliable Titanium heat exchanger, which can resist chloride ion corrosion in water.

    6. All of our circuit boards in line can reach CE & ROHS standards

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