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  • About Us

    China Heat Pump Supplier

    Guangzhou Kolant Heat Technologies Co., Ltd. , a profe ssional manufacturer specializing in different kinds of heat pumps, a ctually has had over 20 years of experience in refrigeration and heating industry. KOLANT has been focusing on heat pump syatem and heat pump projects since 2006, covering heat pumps for household, villa, school, hotel, factory, swimming pool, and some special area. It focuses on product Research and Development and quality control, and only chooses the best components from well-known companies, such as Daikin, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, etc. KOLANT has gained ISO9001 international quality managem...
    Kolant takes serious on heat pumps design and quality control; only choose the best components from our world famous partners, such as Daikin, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Emerson, Wilo, Grundfos, Swep, Saginomiya, etc. Make sure the best efficiency and quality to our clients and partners.

    Product Advantage

    Advantage of Our Products

    1. Our metal cabinet is designed especially for heat pump and made by numerical control machine.

    2. Our heat exchanger is bigger by 30% than normal ones, that is why our COP is higher, which can save as much as 60%-80% of cost compared to regular water heating equipment.

    3. We use Emerson expansion valve and Siemens electrical elements. All our main components are world famous brands. Our products are orientated as high quality and efficiency.

    4. Our control function is much more powerful than others'. We have heating curve inside for controlling, totally designed directing at EU market.

    5. Our pool heat pump has durable and reliable Titanium heat exchanger, which can resist chloride ion corrosion in water.

    6. All of our circuit boards in line can reach CE & ROHS standards


    We mainly have 4 series of heat pumps

    • Air source heat pump
      The 1st is air to water heat pump for house heating and domestic hot water, with cooling function optional. With powerful control system, it can switch automatically between house heating/cooling and domestic hot water.
    • multi functional heat pump
      The 2nd is swimming pool heat pump. It can be used to heat, cool, or keep water temperature constant for pool or spa. Different cabinet, different COP series are available for various locations
    • swimming pool heat pump
      The 3rd is heat pump water heater for domestic or commercial use, ranging from 2.5KW to 250KW.


    Quality Warranty

    As a professional heat pump supplier, w e support our distributors and customers to give 3 years warranty to their end users. We provide 1% free spare parts to them for maintanence work, and provide at very reasonable prices for extra spare parts. After sales, we give technical support to our distributo...

    Quality Control

    KOLANT has a full set of world-leading advanced equipments to produce and inspect refrigeration and heating products, like piping leak detection device, heat pump performance labratory, perfomrance test area for each unit, etc. And with the QC team composed of skilled engineers and technicians, acti...
    • Heat pump quality control
      1. Purchase raw materials from reliable suppliers and inspection for incoming materials.
    • Heat pump quality control
      2. Strict control of work flow.
    • Heat pump quality control
      3. Strict inspection or test on each unit before packing and dispatch, no inferior heat pumps allowed.


    • 2013-12-20

      Heat Pump Comprehensive Performance Lab

      Our heat pump comprehensive performance lab was finished debugging at Dec. 2010 and put into use now. Invested by over one million Chinese Yuan, the lab was designed according to CE standard, a...

    • 2013-12-20

      ISO 9001:2008

      On June 24,2011, KOLANT was granted the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 by TUV after the audit. It certifies that KOLANT has established and applies a Quality Management System for design, manufac...

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